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What is a grading diagnosis and treatment platform

Arrhythmia type Platform role
In order to improve the ability of primary medical services and provide convenient, timely, effective and high-quality medical and health services for the grassroots, according to the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Institutions, the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Health on Strengthening the Management of Telemedicine Consultations and National Health The Ministry of Family Planning Commission's Opinions on Advancing Medical Structure Telemedicine Services requires the following diagnostic equipment, and the county hospitals as the center, launching grassroots clinics, communities, pharmacies, and remote electrocardiogram (dynamic ECG and 12-lead ECG) Diagnosis, remote ambulatory blood pressure diagnosis and poct diagnosis. Rural health centers, clinics, community health centers: The current status of township-level clinics is the lack of diagnostic equipment and the lack of diagnostic doctors. In order to make medical resources more balanced, the remote areas of the country can enjoy the services of the top three hospitals. Using the resources of the three parties (the local county hospital provides treatment services, BORSAM provides equipment and platform, and the top three hospitals provide diagnostic doctors). Through the Internet, the village can enjoy the diagnosis service of the top three hospitals, so that the major diseases can not be screened out of the village. county.


Complications Of Atrial Fibrillation


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